Fine Tea



Selected for quality and taste, this is a sample of our available teas. If there's something you love that we don't have, ask us to procure some for you! 

 Our Most Popular 

Well-known or crowd favorites, these teas are what we're asked about most at our presentations.

 Green tea 

Least oxidised of the oxidised teas, Green teas are pan fired or steamed to halt the oxidation process. You'll mostly find green tea from China and Japan, but a few estates and farms around the world produce green tea for local consumption.

White tea

Least processed tea, our white teas are stunning representatives of the style. With less caffeine than any other style of tea, you'll find a nice cup of white tea at the end of the day is a perfect treat.

Black tea

As the Most processed tea, Black tea is allowed to oxidise fully. Originally produced to ship to European markets, Black teas are the most widely produced style in every tea producing region. With the most caffeine of any style, you'll find this style energizing and awakening every morning.

Oolong Tea

Between green and black tea in oxidation, oolong teas are celebrated for their diversity and complexity. With mid-range caffeine levels, you can drink oolong while relaxing or playing.

Puerh Tea

Pressed and aged after fully oxidizing, this style is a sumptuous treat. With a wide range of flavor in an expressive tea, you'll find in each cup a journey of taste.

Mate Tisanes

The caffeinated herbal treat from South America whose own culture is as prevalent as coffee culture. With more caffeine than coffee and a similarly bold taste, you'll enjoy a fantastic, long lasting energy kick from this tisane.