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This is a randomly generated 20g sample bag that serves as a token of your very own personal blend! Randomly generated blends of Teaologie tea are available only to those who own this bag. This is Not Fair! Not even the blender gets to try a taste! 

We produce the tea by randomly generating numbers with dice that correspond to number of teas used, which teas go into the recipe, and even what ratios are used. There are no computer algorithms involved here!


We'll never blend the same blend for anyone other than the token holder, who is entitled to:

  • Purchase the tea recipe indicated by the serial number on the token bag in kilogram quantities at reduced market prices by emailing us directly. 
  • Drink, share, resell, or otherwise treat the tea purchased this way as any other product purchase.
  • Sell the Token at any price they see fit, thereby transferring rights to a new owner.


Let us build you a tea blend today!


This is not a part of the blockchain, has nothing to do with cryptocurrency, and everything to do with a bit of good humor and a concerige-level exclusive experience.

Randomly Generated NFT

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